Shinsaibashi Central Law Office

Lawyer Ogino
(おぎの  べんごし) 

<<To all of you from abroad>>

If you come to Japan from a foreign country and live in Japan, you may experience various problems because your customs are different from your country of origin.

 For example:

      ▲Trouble with people living in the neighborhood,

      ▲ Trouble with the company where you work or the school where you study abroad,

      ▲The trouble of getting drunk after drinking alcohol,

      ▲Trouble due to the opposite sex,

      ▲Trouble due to traffic accident

Such will be considered.

At such times, lawyers are legal experts, so we can give you advice based on Japanese law. Consultation by phone within 30 minutes is free of charge, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. However, please be aware that consultation is limited to Japanese language.

Lawyers have a mission to defend basic human rights and achieve social justice. To fulfill this mission, our office has the following three principles.