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SBI remit

Such many new products and services launches in our pipeline, we are looking to serve our existing customers better and to serve also more new customers.

Using the Internet as our main channel allows us to automate and economize our operations for maximum efficiency.
This means we can offer the industry’s lowest fees for international remittance.

Feature 2.
Remittance requests can easily be made via the Internet, at an ATM or through a convenience store agent.
Funds can be received in a minimum of 10 minutes with our cash pick-up service, which does not require a bank account.

Feature 3.
SBI Remit has alliances with various money transfer companies and banks, including MoneyGram, with a remittance network that stretches across more than 220 countries and regions worldwide.

Feature 4.
There are 2 types of receiving methods: cash pick-up or bank transfer.
Cash pick-up allows the recipient to collect the transfer in cash at one of MoneyGram’s affiliated offices.

Feature 5.
SBI Remit employs a large number of native speakers (predominantly from countries in South East Asia) and is able to offer support in Japanese and many other languages.

※ The only remittance method available is for cash pick-up.




Online Remittance

A very convenient remittance method; customers deposit funds into a reserve account – and then simply specify the recipient and the amount for each remittance within the member portal.


Remit Card

This service allows you to send money using a Remit Card from Japan Post ATMs throughout Japan. We issue a card for each recipient/remittance method, free of charge.


Furikomi Remittance

This is a service where a specified account is set up for each receiver and funds are remitted by making a transfer to that account.

Furikomi Remittance is available at any ATM, via internet banking or at any bank counter.


Over the Counter (Snapsend)

This service allows you to make a remittance using a cash card in your name at one of our remittance agencies.


Convenience Store Remittance

We recommend this service for those who are short on time during weekdays or those who are not able to access a bank account.



Queen Bee Capital

Remittance Service “PayForex”

PayForex is the cross border payment network, bringing competitive advantage to our customers by providing fast, cost efficient, and transparent payment solutions with 30 currencies in over 200 countries / regions.

We have developed the state-of-art technology remittance system for both the individual and corporate customers.

For the customer fund protection program, we concluded GUARANTEE CONTRACT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT of providing Funds Transfer Services with SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION. (Registration number: 00010, the Kanto Regional financial Bureau)


CNY Remittance 2.0 is our high-speed processing service for sending money to China. With this service, an individual can send funds to a bank in China, where the funds are converted to CNY.

In partnership with Bank of Shanghai, we have built a network of 125 banks in China, to ensure that funds sent with this service arrive at their beneficiary bank within 24 hours.

Options for sending money to China have been somewhat limited due to foreign exchange rules. However, our PayForex CNY Remittance 2.0 service provides a secure and legal way to send money directly to a bank account in China. We provide the functionality of a bi-directional API capable of processing millions of transactions simultaneously. Currently expanding our high-speed processing services to more areas, with a focus on Asia.

As per our partnerships with local banks overseas, it allows us to provide customers with high-speed processing services, which enable funds to arrive within 24 hours, and in as short a time as a few minutes. This service is flexible enough to work within the circumstances of each of these countries and regions. In addition to bank accounts, methods for receiving money sent through this service include cash pickup service and home delivery. We are currently working to expand this service to one new area at a time, with a focus on Asia due to the high demand for remittance services among foreign works in Japan who send money to their home countries.

The areas to which money can be sent with this service are: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Euro Area, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia (As of May 2020).


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